Real-time communication over packet networks has always been a nightmare. Mature technologies like SDH/SONET handle this type of traffic easily because transmission delays are negligible and fixed. Packet networks however are far more unpredictable, and delays tend to be long. This is no issue for most modern applications like internet browsing, broadcasting of video or file transfer. But for industrial networks, real-time data communication is critical. For that reason, many industrial users opt for SDH/SONET technology in the WAN, still today.

As soon as the IEEE started to issue the first MPLS-TP drafts, OTN Systems recognized that the successor of SDH/SONET was born. This packed based standard was set to become a viable alternative to SDH/SONET, and more. The paradox was solved! In the meantime, MPLS- TP is coming on strong as other vendors jump on the bandwagon and end-users start recognizing the value it.

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OTN Systems markets two distinct product lines, OTN and XTran
Underlying technology SDH/SONET MPLS-TP
Network topology Ring and coupled rings Any
Mechanical design 19” 19”, DIN Rail, fanless
Analogue video Yes No
Legacy interfaces Yes Yes
IP enabled Yes Yes
Ethernet access interworking Yes Yes
Protection Network protection Service protection 1:1, Hitless and logical ring
Network Management OMS TXCare
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Open, tailored to the sectors
Both product lines come with an extensive suite of interface cards. These cards are required to support all applications encountered in the various industrial sectors. Legacy equipment can be kept on board for a longer period resulting in significant cost savings. Migration scenarios can be implemented when the time is right. Both networks seamlessly join the world of process control, voice communication, data acquisition, IoT and video surveillance. All in one, no hassle, no sweat.

Reliable, resilient, safe
Our customers run multi-million-euro businesses which depend entirely on the availability of their network. Zero downtime is simply mandatory. Special features are built into our networks to guarantee this non-stop character. Instant, automatic reconfiguration on cable breaks, redundancy of vital network components such as power supplies, common control hardware and network management functions, guaranteed quality of service and protection from hacking are some of the standard features. As our products are often installed in harsh environments, special precautions have been taken to cope with dust, extreme temperatures and hostile EMC/ EMI surroundings.

Simple and smart
Both systems were designed with one thing in mind: keep it simple for the user. The operations run by our customers are demanding enough, they cannot afford the “burden” of a complex network. OTN Systems’ products do not require in-depth IT know-how. Operating the network is easy and straightforward. The network management systems shield the network administrator from the underlying technical complexity. Maintenance, if any, is limited to swapping a card. Needless to say Operational Expenditures (OPEX) are kept to a minimum.

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Our Partners

P.Shale FZE is a partner with DELL, Cisco, , Motorola Solutions, HP, APC and many others.