P.Shale FZE are a recognized world class service provider of Electrical and Instrumentation services. We understand our customers’ expectations and the commitment required to complete technically challenging projects.

We provide an innovative specialized electrical service that incorporates highly skilled solutions for all aspects of electrical and instrumentation projects and hazardous area installations, from construction verification, quality assurance, completions (handover and turnover) pre-commissioning, commissioning and energization to operations and maintenance.

Our project and construction expertise are based on involvement across a wide variety of sectors and industries, including Oil & Gas, Materials Handling, Power Generation, Heavy Fabrication, Infrastructure, Water and Mining. Offering our services as an integrated solution enables complex projects to be completed and managed by a single service provider, leading to a smooth, seamless solution for all your Electrical and Instrumentation needs.

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Services We Offer

• Batteries for Solar Applications
• Cables and Cable Glands
• Earthing Material
• Electrical Bulk Package
• Explosion Proof Lighting Fixtures, Helideck Perimeter
• ELECTRICAL: Motors – Explosion Proof
• Light, Push Button Stations Navigational Aids and    Aircraft Warning Lights
• Explosion Proof Panels, Enclosures and Junction    Boxes
• Level Gauges LED Backlight

• LED Flashing Beacon
• Actuators (Electric, Pneumatic, Hydraulic & Gas    Over-Oil)
• Emergency Shut-Down- ESD System
• Flame & Gas Detection Products
• Well-Head Control Panels
• Instrumentation/Control Line Tubing
• Passive/Active Cool Shelters
• Solar Power Systems
• Level Instruments

• Temperature Measurements & Heat Generations
• Products (Thermocouples, RTD’s &Thermo wells &    Industrial Heaters)
• Mass Flowmeters for Distribution Companies
• Metering Systems
• Pipeline Leak Detection System
• Prefabricated Skids for Truck Loading, Metering. &    Custody Transfer
• Bulk Instrumentation Packages
• Vapor Recovery Systems
• Vibration and Condition Monitoring Equipment